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Dealership Terms

If the candidate of the dealer is required to open the WIEBERR franchise (used), open the WIEBERR franchise if there is a WIEBERR franchise.

350i closed, 50 m2 open area is needed.

WIEBER Application and Window film application sections are independent of the vehicle washing area.

WİBERBERR should be prepared in accordance with the service and corporate identity standards for the working areas.

We strongly recommend that you get your business license from the municipality without any problems and long-term conditions.

In determining the location of the business, issues such as the number of vehicles in the location, the density of the settlement (housing), the density of the workplace (tradesmen), the number of car washers, the number of car plazas.

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Wieberr Promotional Video

Watch our promotional film to get a closer look at the Wieberr production facility and laboratories.